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  • "We’re in love, but not together."
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  • "Was soup good"

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  •   The Intelligent Plant

    Scientists debate a new way of understanding flora.

    By Michael Pollan

    The New Yorker  December 23, 2013 Issue

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    'If you are a plant, having a brain is not an advantage,' Stefano Mancuso points out. Mancuso is perhaps the field’s most impassioned spokesman for the plant point of view. A slight, bearded Calabrian in his late forties, he comes across more like a humanities professor than like a scientist. When I visited him earlier this year at the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology, at the University of Florence, he told me that his conviction that humans grossly underestimate plants has its origins in a science-fiction story he remembers reading as a teen-ager. A race of aliens living in a radically sped-up dimension of time arrive on Earth and, unable to detect any movement in humans, come to the logical conclusion that we are 'inert material' with which they may do as they please. The aliens proceed ruthlessly to exploit us. (Mancuso subsequently wrote to say that the story he recounted was actually a mangled recollection of an early 'Star Trek' episode called “Wink of an Eye.”)

    In Mancuso’s view, our ‘fetishization’ of neurons, as well as our tendency to equate behavior with mobility, keeps us from appreciating what plants can do. For instance, since plants can’t run away and frequently get eaten, it serves them well not to have any irreplaceable organs. ‘A plant has a modular design, so it can lose up to ninety per cent of its body without being killed,’ he said. ‘There’s nothing like that in the animal world. It creates a resilience.’

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  • "And then she told herself, “Stop being so weak. Grow up and get over it.” and then she never felt anything again."